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Ryan Hommel delivers his beautiful music with a discipline and clarity that allows it to travel straight to your soul.
— Livingston Taylor

"I've always felt very natural in my supportive role as a sideman, be it stage left or stage right and back a few feet. I recently found out that front and center and even all alone feels just as natural and satisfying," says multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter and producer Ryan Hommel. Rooted deeply in early Elvis Presley and Stevie Wonder, he started at age 3 by soaking in the music and absorbing the feelings it could transmit before eventually learning its technical aspects. “As a supplementary musician, my allegiance is to the song more than to the artist,” says Hommel. “A great artist doesn’t need supporting, but a great song can live in a seemingly unlimited number of sonic spaces. My job is to help narrow the focus and clarify the message.” At 23, Hommel’s work with Seth Glier (long-time musical partner and childhood best friend) on their The Next Right Thing (MPress, 2011) record helped them to earn a 2012 Grammy nomination and the respect of musical super heroes and staples all across the board.


In 2012, Hommel not only independently released his own self-titled debut record; he expanded his work as a sideman, beginning to play mostly electric guitar and pedal steel on both domestic and international tours with The Sweetback Sisters, Heather Maloney and Stephen Kellogg. "I will always continue to work as a freelance instrumentalist and producer both on tour and in the studio. I love working with new bands and artists to help achieve their musical vision. It even helps me clarify my own," says Hommel, who is doing just that. You can find him on his SOLO ELECTRIC tour this Spring, Summer and Fall, opening many shows for long time friend Edwin McCain along the way. 

I recently heard Ryan sing a few of his songs... I was knocked out by his dynamic old-soul vocals and his sophisticated guitar legerdemain. He seemed able to play chords and improvise a melodic solo all at once.
— Adam Levy

One thing you'll learn

is that ryan really, really loves coffee.


Ryan with Stephen Kellogg

ryan with the sweetback sisters

Ryan with Seth glier

Ryan With heather maloney

Ryan with beau sasser